Attention all Men Who Are Struggling To Build a Thick, V-Taper Back: Did you know there is only ONE reason your back is lagging, and that simply fixing this one thing will widen and thicken your lats in as little as 3 weeks?

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Is your back about as wide as a coat hanger?

Do you have any idea what you’re leaving on the table if you haven’t developed lats like a king cobra’s hood?

Not only should you feel embarrassed to turn your back on someone with your shirt off…

You’re actually killing your potential in almost every other lift!… (yep, its true… and i’ll explain…)

Why Building an Impressive Back Will Improve ALL Your Lifts…

First of all, a well developed back will instantly make you look stronger, more powerful and leaner…

You know the type I’m talking about… the back that you can not only see when you turn around to the back, but one that makes you look like Hercules’ stunt double from the front.

Without wide and thick lats, you will never have the V-Taper look that radiates strength, and makes women wilt…

However, it doesn’t stop there…

If you’re back is weak, so is your bench, your squat, your deadlift and even your arm training, because your back is involved in stabilizing ALL those exercises. You see, the lat is the primary muscle in “shoulder depression”, meaning, keeping your shoulders down (the opposite of shrugs).

If this is weak, it becomes your “weakest link in the chain” and your body will constantly inhibit any progress in surrounding muscles to avoid creating a bigger “gap” in the relative strengths.

Take it from me, I tried EVERYTHING to bring up my upper body and it wasn’t until i figured out the things I’m about to share about back training that my ENTIRE upper body started to respond like crazy!

So if you ignore proper back training, your entire physique suffers!

They Scoffed at my Back Development, Until I Walked Onto The Stage!…

There was a time when I cringed to turn my back to the judges…

You see, my back development used to be the “weak link” in my physique. For years, I worked my ass off to bring it up. Yet no matter how hard I worked, or how many extra hours I devoted to it, my back never really improved…

I listened to all the common training tips and exercises: heavy, basics, lots of volume, increased frequency… and I got nowhere.

Yet that all changed when my obsession with being one of the top bodybuilders in the world lead me discover the most biomechanically optimal way to train your back…

The best part was, its simple! Its just something most people have never heard of… until today!

Now, when I walk on stage, every top bodybuilder in the world yearns for the old days, before my badass training methods delivered me such freaky back development!…

The crazy thing is… I didn’t discover a secret new exercise or a hidden workout protocol…

Here is the absolute truth:

“It’s not what you do… It’s how you do it…”

As simple as that may sound, the REAL truth is, every guy you see who busts their ass in the gym, and still has a narrow, unimpressive back, just does NOT understand a set of simple, scientifically proven exercise principles that will INSTANTLY unlock massive growth.

PROBLEM You’re Just “Lifting Weight,” Hoping You’ll Grow

Listen up: Lifting weight and “hoping” your back will grow isn’t getting you anywhere. No matter how many times you’ve read “The Secret”…

Next time you’re at the gym, take a look around… How many guys with pencil-width lat spreads do you suspect are lifting weights that are WAY too heavy for them to handle?

[…considering I’m ALWAYS the biggest guy in the gym, and NEVER the strongest…]

Putting the pin on the bottom plate and doing lat pulldowns with the weight moving like you’re doing one giant full-body hiccup is NOT going to make you grow! — especially if you’re dealing with a lagging back!…

In fact, using too much weight, before you are ready for it, may even be the CAUSE of your embarrassing back…

You see, your body is DESIGNED to make things easy!…

It will do everything in its power to put all that weight in your hands into the BIGGEST possible muscle that can handle that load.

Weak muscles stay weak, big muscles get bigger. That’s a fact of nature… Unless you learn to take control!…

Yup, the ONLY reason for a lagging bodypart is a failure to put enough TENSION into the muscle over the complete RANGE OF MOTION of the muscle. Period…

Until you learn to properly activate the muscle in the most biomechanically optimal way, you will never pack on the kind of mass you desire and deserve

No matter how much weight you put on the bar!

Solution: Pakulski Precision Execution

I won’t sugar coat this… I do not know of a single person on the planet who understands exercise execution for massive muscle growth the way I do, and who also walks the walk.

I have dedicated my life to fine tuning the Pakulski Precision Execution™ principles that have taken me to the top of the bodybuilding universe, and have allowed me to help tens of thousands of guys around the world finally turn their weak bodyparts into the impressive strengths they desire and deserve!

Simply applying these same precision execution principles to your lagging back will instantly ignite brand new muscle growth.

In fact, you may be shocked at how fast your body reacts to these powerful and scientifically optimal techniques.

In as little as 1 week you’ll start noticing your lats pressing out against your arms…

Your shoulders will square up, and your V-Taper look will make you appear both more powerful and leaner…

And you’ll enjoy a near instant increase in all your other lifts… Guaranteed!

Guaranteed Growth The 6 Essential Factors of Precision Execution

I’ve read every research paper even remotely related to building muscle — 1321 papers in all saved on my computer at last count… and yup, I’ve read them all.

I’ve spent countless hours in the most prestigious human performance research lab in the world, participating in cutting edge research on rapid muscle growth…

I’ve meticulously documented every step of my journey to the top of the ranks of the bodybuilding world — tracking my workouts, diet and progress in dozens of training journals.

And I’ve relentlessly studied my most successful coaching clients to determine exactly why their progress consistently blows away the gains of every other guy in the gym…

And I discovered that it all boils down to 6 essential factors of precision execution that GUARANTEE shocking new muscle growth:

  • Focused Muscle Engagement
  • Continuous Motion-Tension
  • Extreme Range Stimulation
  • Maximal Muscle Shortening
  • Strength Curve Optimization
  • Optimal Posture

Simply applying those exact 6 principles to each and every exercise I do has propelled me to the top ranks of bodybuilding.

And they are the same principles that you now have access to in this breakthrough leg specialization program.

This is literally my secret weapon for my colossal “freak factor” legs, and has never been released to the public until now…


Pakulski Precision Bodypart Execution:
V-Taper Back
  • Pakulski Precision Back Exercise Execution Guide


    Every exercise performed during the 6 week program, broken down into simple step-by-step instructions, and spelled out in an easy to digest manner. It also includes all of Ben’s tips, tricks, cues and little intricacies for each exercise and body part, categorized and easily referenced.

    The exercise execution guide is ready to print off to take with you to the gym, and was designed to be an amazing reference and study aid to teach you how to do things right, from the very first moment you pick up the weight, to when you set it down.

    It also includes a number of common execution and postural guidelines that you can apply to any exercise you ever do (that includes outside of the workouts included in this program) to help improve its desired affect in your pursuit of muscular growth.

  • The Done-For-You Workout for a V-Taper Back


    Every rep, every set, every little detail spelled out for you for the next 60 days. These are the most intelligent back workouts ever written, incorporating many of the latest scientifically proven training modalities. Ben has also included a number of his greatest workout intensifiers, previously only explained to MI40 Insiders, as well as idiot-proof instructions explaining how to perform them for maximum affect.

    The workout sheets are ready to print off and take with you to the gym, and also include a space for you to log your progress to help hold you accountable.

    There is also a valuable ‘muscle logic’ section contained inside for you to read, and then re-read, explaining certain aspects behind the design of the workouts and why these aspects are beneficial.

  • The B-Pak Back Domination Online DVD


    Detailed video of Ben explaining the function of the back / lats and optimal movement patterns, as well as little-known training cues that you can incorporate into your back training the very next time you hit the gym.

    Do you know what the full range of motion / strength curve is for the back muscles and how to use that to your advantage?

    How do you create optimal contraction of the back muscles?

    Ben gives you the “real” answers to these questions, along with many more, while incorporating some demonstrations along the way.

  • $10.00Value

    The B-Pak 6 Essentials of Exercise Cheat Sheet

    This cheat sheet was created to be a super quick reference to have with you in the gym. It contains each of the 6 most important essentials you should incorporate into every rep of every exercise you ever do. It was designed to be printed off and to be reviewed often, ideally between every set during this 6 week program!

Now, you may assume that a program that guarantees you will pack inches of width and thickness onto your back — no matter how “stubborn” it has been in the past — would cost a pretty penny.

The truth is, it should…

Yet because it drives me crazy to see so many guys butcher their back training every time I step in the gym, I want to get this into the hands of as many people as possible.

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To Your Fastest Growth Ever,

Benjamin Pakulski
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder